Product Design

The power to shape the world



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Design is more than just the craft of pretty objects it is the catalyst of innovation.
The power of empathetic design and appreciation for user experience have improved lives and progressed our civilization. Design skills give us the tools to detect and fix the problems in our world from the small scale issues with touch point experience and user interface, to the large scale real world issues with design strategy and ethnography. Design creates a meshwork of innovation and observation that has unlimited potential.
Together we have the skills to change the world.


James Caamano:
Graduate of Central Saint Martins (UAL) with a degree in BA (honours) product design based in London.

Currently owner of JERA London a 3D printed jewellery company and head of design at iMakr. 
In the past have worked with companies such as Patrick Mavros, National Geographic, Annabell’s night club, AVIS, Momot, Lift off film festival, and many more.