Smart desk

The future of education 

We are living in the most over stimulating period in all of human history and children are feeling it the most. There is media specifically designed for children, so the transition between over stimulation into an outdated classroom, it’s not surprising some children struggle to get the most out of their education. The future of education needs to embrace digital media to prepare children for the future workplace.
The physical and digital worlds are increasingly becoming intertwined new touchpoints need to be developed. Touchpoints with teamwork and collaboration in mind.

The "Smart Desk"

The smart desk is an AMOLED touch sensitive screen design to be used by up to four children simultaneously to encourage team work and collaboration development. The digital screen is designed not only to interact with the digital world but also to sense physical objects such as books placed on top of it, again blurring the line between the physical and digital world. The AMOLED screen can be scrolled around to expose a lino work surface for physical work which could damage the screen.

The screen is a single pre-built object and the bamboo ply legs and supports of the desk can be constructed using an Allan key by the school itself making shipping and manufacture cheaper.