Permanent Razor 

Creating a new market for mens razors 

The majority of mens razors have a very specific visual language. Gillette and Wilkinson sword. the two biggest brands in mens reusable razors both use sports and formula 1 visual identifiers in their products creating over designed and aggressive looking products.
An ever growing group are going back to the old safety razors for the quality and aesthetics but although its a hotly debated topic, modern razors shave more efficiently.
The Permanent razor attempts to marry the aesthetics and build quality of safety razors and the technology and ease of use of a modern razor. 

The razor 

The Permanent Razor is a high end, machined aluminium razor which attempts to improve the shaving experience. 
The handle is roughly 100mm long (similar to most modern razors) and the interchangeable blades are attached using a screw thread. The screw thread is a slower way of changing blades compared to the clicking system Gillette use but like the safety razor the quality is in the saving experience not the speed. 
Though this would be significantly more expensive than the razors currently on the market, there is an opportunity to cut costs on the blades by setting up a recycling/call back scheme which would mean that the old blades could be taken back and repaired and refitted meaning cost would be lowered for machining and materials as well as being more environmentally friendly.