Extrusion table.

exploring material limits.

Material and manufacture innovation can hold the key to revolutions in product design and material culture. By taking what already exists and experimenting with the next step for that material or manufacturing process it is possible to create object previously impossible to create. The extrusion table is a project imagining the possibilities of a giant acrylic extrusion machine and how you could use the properties of the machine to produce something previously impossible.

The "Extrusion table."

The extrusion table is an acrylic coffee table which in theory is produced by a giant extrusion machine to create a perfect seamless shape. Access holes on the sides, front, and back mean storage within the table is easy while the clear acrylic means that you can see everything within the table. 
The shape is very simple but the overlapping lines created by the clear acrylic create complex shapes and illusions.
This project what a journey through my experimentation with Photoshop, Illustrator, and finally Rhino and Keyshot.