Small space living.

Simple bed side lighting 

Many people living in small spaces rent their accommodation, meaning major modifications to the living environment can be difficult because of restrictions agreed to by the landlord. This means unconventional but highly used parts of a living space are not used to their full potential. In small living spaces the bed is a focus for work, storage and rest. Many bedrooms in small living environments lack bedside light, and table tops and electrical plugs are in short supply. The "any side lamp" is a battery powered LED lamp which attaches to the wall with a single fixing making installation simple.  

The "Any side lamp."

Muji have a very distinctive visual language and approach to design so it was important not to move too far away from their style. 
The "any side lamp" is a solution for the lack of lighting in many small bedrooms. the small and compact shape means that it is easy to transport and store as well as being very discreet while mounted on the wall.
The lamp is mounted onto the wall in a unique way leaving the least amount of disruption to the wall as possible, with a single central mount the lamp only needs a single screw or reinforced mounting pin to create a secure hold. 
The "Any side lamp runs its three LED bulbs off of a rechargeable battery removing the need for a permanent mains plug which are often a rare luxury in small living spaces.